If you want to know more about the sponsor opportunities for (one of the projects of) Peoples Projects Foundation, please find the pdf-document with Sponsor Opportunities here.

If you have any questions, please call +31 (0)320 - 76 00 27 or email info@peoplesprojects.net .
DD Design, Amsterdam (NL)
Graphic design, that is what dddesign will do. With 19 years of experience in design and advertising and customers ranging from the financial sector up to car manufactorers, their work varying from corporate styling up to complete advertising campagnes with multimedia exposure and ofcourse printing.
iClicks, Lelystad (NL)
The Google Adwords professional for SMB.
iClicks vision 'to be the company that delivers affordable hihg quality Google Adwords campagnes'.
IT-Ernity Internet Services, Zwolle (NL)
Ever since its foundation in 1999, IT-Ernity has strived to be a dynamic and quality-based supplier of internet services in the field of hosting and managed services.
Autonome growth through high customer satisfaction as well as expansion through acquisition has lead to a top 5 position in the Dutch internet services market.
Corporate Social Responsibility is seen by IT-Ernity as critical to build and maintain a future-proof organisation and has been given a permanent place on the corporate agenda.
Maison Borges, Charente-Maritime, Gemozac (FR)
Maison Borges, owners and users, every day, of the world's first practical solar powered utility vehicles.
MilieuPC, Lelystad (NL)
MilieuPC recycles old computer equipment and gives it a change for a second life. This way they help to create a better environment, by saving this equipment from dumps in India, Bangla Desh etc.
Notariaat Fenneke Koster-Joenje, Lelystad (NL)
Notary FKJ offers all notarial services like mortgages, transfer of ownership of houses, mediation, etc.
Support2U, Lelystad (NL)
Support2U is all about E-business. Wether it is a (new) website, Internet Marketing or Business Management software integrated with your webshop and back-office, they can give you professional help.
You can help! The foundation, via the internet,  is seeking support from the public and financial or trade sponsors.

As a sponsor you / your company will be mentioned on the sponsor page of the project and of the foundation. This includes your company logo, a short description of your companies activities and a link to your website. Sponsors will also be mentioned on all foundation publications (press releases, brochure, etc.).

Sponsors will also receive project updates and the foundation newsletters. And, sponsors will have access to our special offers, visits to the projects, seminars and events.

For more information, mail info@peoplesprojects.net.
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